From Nupur Bhatnagar

I can spend hours in the forest, in the company of wild animals, without realising how time has flown. The all powerful roar of a lion, the sublime singing of the songbird, the rippling of a rivulet and the whispering of the wind as it blows through the trees, rejuvenates me. There is something about nature that instantly humbles me, not by dominating me, but by reminding me how small and insignificant I am. It is a comforting feeling of being one with nature.

I have travelled extensively from Sasan Gir in Gujarat to Sundarbans in Bengal. The desire to photograph the diversity of nature has taken me to the lofty Himalayas to the plains in Madhya Pradesh and the forests of Rajasthan to the superb mangrove deltas of Sundarbans. I have travelled extensively through South Africa to capture wildlife images and to showcase them to display the beauty in the beast. This website brings alive the mystery of the forests, captures the enomerous beauty of the wild and unveils a panorama that is coloured with the my raid hues of nature.

Through this website, I have tried to share some of my experiences, joys of witnessing and photographing what can only be termed as nature’s miracles.

Nupur’s Equipment

These photographs have been shot by:

Canon 1 DX
Canon 7D
Canon 350D
Canon IXUS
Sony Video Camera
Canon Telephoto Lens 200-400 mm
Canon Telephoto Lens 100-400mm
Canon Zoom Lens 90-300mm
Canon Macro Lens 100mm
Canon Standard Lens 24-105 mm
Canon Wide Angle Lens 17-40mm
Canon Extender EF1.4x II
Polarising Filter
UV Filter
Canon Speedlite 220EX
Explorer 10×42
SLIK Monopod 350EX


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